Present and future leaders together

Knowing the current situation and where our country is heading up to is important for the integral development of our students and families, that is why sixth grade students started very early on the political agenda of the presidential candidates Germán Vargas Lleras and Iván Duque Márquez, from political parties Cambio Radical and Centro Democrático respectively; it also included the participation of former president and senator Álvaro Uribe Vélez.

The meeting began at eight in the morning at Hotel and Convention Center Termales del Otoño, where candidates waited for the delegation of our institution in charge of the students Nicolás Gallego Estrada, Arturo Gallego Estrada, Juan Rafael Arango Ramírez, Samuel Montilla Paz, Santiago Quintero González, and Martín Rincones Echeverry, accompanied by teacher Erick Abadía Martínez.

The questions were focused on the topics of main interest and debate in the current elections, therefore our students asked questions regarding education, post-conflict and corruption.