Night of the Best

The night of Tuesday, December 4 was a special celebration at school. As is tradition by this time of the year, the students with the best results in our international tests were awarded during the gala dinner offered by the
internationalization coordination and the school's steering committee. On this occasion, Rafael Uribe, Jerónimo Uribe, Samuel Londoño, Juan Manuel González, Luca Bestonso, Emiliano Duque, Sergio Arango, Juan Manuel Orozco,
Eduardo Henao, Juan José Arbeláez, Andrés Felipe Chala and alumni from class 2018 Nicolás Cortés and Camilo Pinzón, were called to receive honors for their extraordinary performance in the different examinations. Our international program continues to show fruits to the entire community and we will not tire of rewarding the achievements of our best students.