Internal Spelling Bee Contest 2019

Since 2010 the Spelling Bee Contest has been a recognized event at school by teachers and especially by students that help them to improve not only their literacy and vocabulary in English but also to enhance their accurate pronunciation. This event also aids to appoint competitors for both regional and national Spelling Bee contests.

All around the world, each year Spelling Bee contests are organized in all academic levels to award those students who are talented enough to identify, ascertain and spell appropriately those words and sometimes, very difficult ones to be pronounced even by teachers. Some contests offer bulky prizes for the competitors meanwhile, others concede certifies of recognition but all seeking to reward those gifted and word-nerdy students.

This time, as usual, the two categories: Infantile and Junior were filled with excited and animated students who wanted to take part in the contest. The Serbian teacher Ned Stojanovich, was responsible for spelling the words, alongside the teacher Juan Sebastian Correa, native English speaker who performed as event´s anchor.

Asking teacher Ned, who is in charge of Language Arts’ subject at school, about student´s preparation prior to the contest: "They get vocabulary lists from “Bernie” (Bernardo Martinez, Chief of Internationalization Area) ... and they have to learn most of them, know all those words before they even get them in their class," he said. "They just become very efficient at studying the long list of 120 words in each category, and so they're really much better at primary and secondary school levels than a lot of other kids are."

            After having several intense rounds, becoming one of the fiercest academic events at school in years, the winners were David Pineda Montaña from 6th grade in infantile category who surprisingly beat Nicolás Cardona a 10 year-old boy and also English native speaker who finally got the second place and Sergio Alejandro Arango from 7th grade in junior category followed by an amazing Pedro Gómez Giraldo from 7th grade also who finished as Runner Up.

Principal José Vicente Rivas, teachers and administrative staff are grateful to all those, including the participants and teachers who planned, organized and performed this event with high sense of commitment and dedication.


List of winners in each category:


Samuel Franco Cuartas: 3rd place (6th grade)

Nicolás Cardona Silva: Runner Up (4th grade)

David Pineda Montaña: Winner (6th grade)


Juan Rafael Arango: 3rd place (8th grade)

Pedro Gómez Giraldo: Runner Up (7th grade)

Sergio Alejandro Arango: Winner (7th grade)