High-Flying VII Regional Spelling Bee & Song Festival

This new version of our traditional contest, held with public and private schools throughout the Coffee Region, stands out as the most important participation since its inception, with 13 institutions, and the very high level of its participants who took the final instances to extremely close duels.

The event, which featured in its opening the words of the Secretary of Municipal Education, Mgr. Juan Carlos Gómez Montoya, was organized as always by our institution, with the important logistical support of Universidad Autónoma de Manizales, in whose auditorium Fundadores took out the event.

The implementation of new procedures such as the VAJ (Video Assistant Judge) and modalities (The participant must say the word that is spelled by the moderator), gave more height and level of competitiveness to the contest.

In the song mode, we had the opportunity to appreciate, great voices and artists, with performances in English, which delighted the around 200 attendees.

Special recognition to the teachers and staff of Gimnasio Horizontes, who managed to carry out the event with organizational perfection.

The champions of this seventh version were: In the Infantile category, our representative of sixth grade, Sergio Alejandro Arango Henao. In song, the winner was Juanita Cárdenas, representing Liceo Pino Verde from Pereira. Finally, Liceo Campestre from Pereira, like two years ago, got the great triumph in the Junior category, with student Paula Andrea Rojas. Congratulations, not only to them but also to all the schools and contestants that strongly support this event and catapult it as one of the most important developers of bilingualism and internationalization in our region.